It was a sad day earlier this week for anyone who likes food out of a toaster as the inventor of Pop-Tarts passed away at age 96. (Yes, Pop-Tarts were invented… they don’t grow naturally in the wild.) Something else that isn’t found naturally is airline seat pricing. We’re in mid-February, and conference activity will increase, and families will start thinking about summer vacations. That often means flights. Prices do go up significantly 21, 14, and seven days before a flight, so keep that in mind. (For anyone who is genuinely interested, here’s an easy to read scholarly article on the awkward way in which airlines set seat prices.) And while we’re talking about dollars, recent Commentaries have mentioned the shift in regional manager’s pay to more profit-based rather than strictly volume, as well as how it is illegal to pay LOs on profits under TILA’s LO Comp Rule. Addressing management pay, attorney Steve Lovejoy with Shumaker Williams pointed out that, “If the branch manager is a producing manager, meaning he/she originates, or so much as talks to consumers, their compensation cannot be based on profitability of a loan, the branch or the company.” (Today’s Commentary podcast can be found here and this week’s is sponsored by Lender Toolkit and its AI-powered AI Underwriter and Prism borrower income automation tools. By providing lightning-fast underwriting decisions, your market reputation with borrowers and Realtors will soar, which means more repeat and referral business. Hear an interview with Figure’s Anthony Stratis on trends in home buying and the HELOC space.)

Published On: February 16, 2024 / Categories: Mortgage News /