A correction to yesterday’s Commentary regarding the next holiday (Memorial Day) being two months out. Several emailed that Memorial Day is actually three months away! Overheard here in Texas the hallways at the TMBA Secondary Conference: “So if we don’t let athletes bet on games that they have the ability to influence, why do we allow Congress to invest in companies they regulate?” Here at the conference, the wise use of technology is definitely an important topic (today’s Mortgages With Millennials focuses on this), as are the desirability of better mortgage regulations rather than more regulations, how many politicians seem more focused on their reelection prospects rather than bettering things, and the role of Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac going forward. (Found here, this week’s podcast is brought to you by nCino, makers of the nCino Mortgage Suite for the modern mortgage lender. nCino Mortgage Suite’s three core products – nCino Mortgage, nCino Incentive Compensation, and nCino Mortgage Analytics – unite the people, systems, and stages of the mortgage process. Today’s has an interview with Polunsky Beitel Green’s Peter Idziak on the U.S. Treasury Department’s proposed rule that would require real estate professionals involved in closing and settlements to disclose the names of people behind the anonymous limited liability companies.) Lender and Broker Services, Products, and Software “Is your loan origination system (LOS) helping you maximize efficiency and meet the needs of every borrower? Taking the time to assess the health of your operations today will help you set yourself up for success in the year ahead and beyond. Read our recent blog to learn which LOS features can have the biggest impact on your business and how Encompass® helps you maximize these important components.”

Published On: February 27, 2024 / Categories: Mortgage News /