This is the start of Fat Bear Week. (My money’s on Popeye.) Those poor bears don’t have much privacy, and it turns out that neither do humans. Consumer Reports tells us that TikTok is tracking people even when they don’t use TikTok. Another blow to keeping everyone’s personal data personal. With satellites and drone photos, there isn’t any privacy from above, and the devastation in Florida is horrendous, a portion of which is shown in these before and after photos and citizens will certainly need more than paper towels to start the work of rebuilding in Florida and Puerto Rico. Families, homeowners, mortgage servicers, and lenders are continuing the search for survivors and evaluating the damage. The wind and rain are hitting New Jersey and Philadelphia, but with much less wind than the 155 MPH that hit Florida when Ian made landfall in Florida. The six-month hurricane season ends November 30th, so we still have a couple months but let’s hope that the Atlantic & Caribbean have seen the worst of 2022. (Today’s podcast is available here and this week’s podcast is Sponsored by Candor Technology, Home of the One Touch Underwrite, supporting lenders from Point of Sale to Post Close QC, to reduce repurchase risk, increase underwriter productivity by 400% and decrease turn-times by 10 days.) Lender and Broker Products, Services, and Software “Northpointe Bank Correspondent Lending announces an increase in its standard conforming loan limits, up to $715,000 for 1-unit properties in non-high-cost markets; and up to $1,073,000 for standard conforming properties in Alaska and Hawaii. The maximum conforming loan limit for 2-unit, 3-unit, and 4-unit properties have been increased to $916,000, $1,107,000, and $1,376,000 respectively. The new conforming loan limits only are available with the conforming 30-year fixed-rate program and effective with new best effort locks on or after September 29, 2022, and mandatory lock commitments with closing dates on or after October 1, 2022. Loan terms less than 30 years, adjustable-rate programs, and high-cost counties with high-balance loan limits greater than $715,000 remain unchanged at this time. Northpointe Bank provides tailored solutions to maximize your profitability and help grow your business. For more information, email us.”

Published On: October 3, 2022 / Categories: Mortgage News /