Yesterday the U.S. Government took a step addressing robocalls! But in that vein, sorry for the delay in sending out today’s Commentary. I received an email earlier this morning saying that my Mont Blanc quill pen set had shipped, and for me to click on a link to track it. After clicking on the link, I was asked to provide my birthday, address, the VIN on my 1988 Corolla, and some other information. After a while, I realized that a) I never ordered a quill pen set, and that b) Montblanc is actually one word. Another phishing attempt! Steel point, fountain, and ballpoint pens all came along in the 1800s, but where were you 250 years ago? Jokes about older loan officers aside (the oldest person is currently Spain’s Maria Branyas, born in 1907), it was a quarter of a millennium ago when tensions between the American colonists and their British colonizers hit the boiling point, much of it about tea, and finally erupted into the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773, a political act of defiance against taxation without representation. Speaking of that era, the first real mortgage loans in America weren’t issued until the late 1700s, after the formation of the first commercial bank. On to mortgage stuff! If you’re not quite ready for that, how about a 17th of December song with a good beat heading into tomorrow? People, Debt, and Money Management Loan originators are keen students of people and their financial habits. The highlights report from the latest Logica® Future of Money Study looks at the impact of today’s economy on people’s money management and includes data from a special report on debt, how different generations are saving and investing, especially the newest generation of adults (Gen Z). It also covers who people are turning to for financial advice and what they are expecting from employers in terms of financial programs and money management.

Published On: December 18, 2023 / Categories: Mortgage News /