Crypto and blockchain technologies have some valid applications but when it’s just for investment, there are tons of scams. (And what would we do for passwords if it weren’t for our pets?) Since the dawn of history people have been trying to take things of value from others. The industry is discussing the latest breach, especially as it seems, once again, that “it is not a matter of if but of when.” “Flagstar Bank recently became aware of a privacy breach that occurred during December 2021 involving unauthorized access to Flagstar Bank’s network. Flagstar Bank is in the process of providing their impacted customers with written notice of this privacy breach. The written notice includes an offer of free credit monitoring by Kroll, subject to the customer’s enrollment in the monitoring offer. Impacted customers can call Flagstar Bank at (855) 503-3384, or impacted customers may also obtain additional information online.” (Today’s podcast is available here and this week’s is sponsored by Candor. With Candor’s Machine as an Underwriter, lenders modernize their manufacturing infrastructure making them immune to margin, capacity, and staffing challenges forever. Today’s features an interview with Rida Sharaf of USRES on default servicing technology activity.) Title Industry and Technology Many lenders find themselves somewhere in the middle of the digitization movement; they use piecemeal software solutions like secure document transfer or eSignatures to digitize some parts of the mortgage process, but still rely on a number of manual tasks or communications to complete the loan. Not only does this create a disjointed and possibly confusing experience, but it also fails to capitalize on the efficiencies that technology should provide. The answer? A single end-to-end solution from a digital title company that can optimize workflows, enhance communication, accelerate document transfer, and make the entire process more convenient for everyone. Read Radian’s article, Transforming Title to Meet the Demand for Digital to learn how a digital title partner can help you do business better.

Published On: June 23, 2022 / Categories: Mortgage News /