This morning I Head East to Chicago for a handful of days. If you’ve wondered what a pilot sees when landing at O’Hare, here’s a mesmerizing video. (What is the tallest building in Chicago? The library, because it has so many stories.) From coast to coast lenders and vendors are eyeing the MBA’s volume predictions for 2023 and stay ahead by reducing overhead. In the furor over cutting costs, a cottage industry has sprung up helping lenders review their vendor arrangements. Given that product, price, and service are what vendors sell, products and service are usually, if not more, important than price, but companies like MTG Services review pricing schemes. (No, this isn’t a paid advertisement; contact James Zeldin with questions.) Today’s podcast, posted after 5:30AM PT, is sponsored by Appraisal Logistics, a full-service AMC licensed in all 50 states. AIM-Port’s robust integrations, custom automations, and granular reporting tools are delivering gains in efficiency and cost savings to lenders across the country. Lender and Broker Software, Products and Services “Are you ready to join tons of other satisfied brokers and start working with Towne Mortgage Company? Our 40 years of experience working with Brokers, Mortgage Bankers, Credit Unions, Community Banks, and Agricultural Banks means you can expect flexible solutions and reliable service. Work directly with your Underwriter, contact the Business Support Hotline for updates and technical help. As an approved FNMA/FHLMC/GNMA seller/servicer offering full Agency and Renovation product sets you are guaranteed program options and expertise at Towne Mortgage Company. “Wow is all I can say, super experience on my VA loan, quick UW, and 1 day on conditions…thanks Towne Team.” (Kim M.) Let our years of experience work for you! Get started with Towne Mortgage Company today, call (888) 653-9037or visit us.”

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