“When cannibals ate a missionary, they got a taste of religion.” In late 2022 vendors and lenders had a taste of the first part of 2023, and it isn’t exactly sweet. No one owns a crystal ball, and if they did, do you really think they’d spend their time telling you about the future rather than sitting on a beach relaxing while their money did the work? In the midst of a dreary winter, who, in places like Michigan, Illinois, or North Dakota, aren’t thinking about the beach? Here’s a site to compete with Expedia that focuses only on enjoyable beach vacations. (We are reminded to continue to enjoy life, since death is in the headlines, most “before their time”: dozens from the storms in California and Alabama, Lisa Marie Presley, Jeff Beck, Charles White…) Continuing with the beach theme, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is poised to ask Florida lawmakers to ban China from buying farmland and residences in Florida. “We don’t want to have holdings by hostile nations. And so if you look at the Chinese Communist Party, they’ve been very active throughout the Western Hemisphere in gobbling up land and investing in different things.” (Today’s podcast is sponsored by SimpleNexus, an nCino company and award-winning developer of mobile-first technology for the modern mortgage lender.) Lender and Broker Software, Products, and Services As you kick off the New Year, get ready for more anticipated CFPB rulemaking! The CFPB’s latest amass of rulemaking taps efforts to exert authority over nonbanks and analyzes the impact of AVMs on consumers’ welfare. It also looks at whether credit reporting agencies care more about profits or consumers, evaluates electronic data access for consumers to your products and services, and more! Don’t leave your organization exposed to the risk of CFPB fines or enforcement action. Getting ahead and staying ahead of process scrutiny rulemaking is no small task, especially if you lack the sophisticated automation, complex decisioning, and real-time access needed to ensure thorough, nimble, and timely implementation of CFPB’s latest guidance. Read Clarifire’s recent blog, “What You Need to Look for with the CFPB’s Forthcoming Rulemaking Activities“ to find out “what” rules are being considered and “how” you can be prepared with CLARIFIRE®. Seamless servicing, proven innovation, and truly BRIGHTER AUTOMATION®.

Published On: January 13, 2023 / Categories: Mortgage News /