Yesterday, before the yield on the risk-free U.S. 2-year note rose to 4.25 percent, I mentioned my cat Myrtle being offered a big signing bonus by the family next door because word of her mousing prowess has spread. Myrtle’s tight-lipped on the details (which are assumed to involve plentiful halibut and wild salmon) but it did result in contemplating a possible retention bonus of a new scratching post and a catnip-infused cloth mouse. She seems to be thinking it over. Meanwhile, as rumors are running amok that publicly-held Finance of America is selling its dedicated retail group to G-Rate, lenders everywhere are stunned with the bond market and interest rates. Forget the assumptions that were built into signing bonuses a year ago, as those are going to hell in a handbasket, this interest rate market is bad. Yes, people still need home financing, but the sticker shock is bad. (Today’s podcast, which has an interview with Linda Case of TMS on servicing boarding and escrow and how she solves some of the issues, is available here and this week’s podcast is sponsored by AIM-Port, an appraisal management platform built to reduce costs and elevate the borrower experience for lenders managing appraisal operations. Go to for more information or click here to reach out to a team member today!) Lender and Broker Products, Services, and Software Lenders looking to cut costs and increase margins might be missing a massive area of opportunity: the appraisal process. Revenue leakage, lapses in communication, and manual order management all hurt the borrower experience and the bottom line, but Reggora has a simple solution. Learn how lenders can reduce their cost per loan file by $258 and other benefits from appraisal management technology in the Reggora white paper, Why Mortgage Lenders Should Optimize The Appraisal Process Now.

Published On: September 27, 2022 / Categories: Mortgage News /