Here in Honolulu, talk among those gathered for the MBA Hawai’i annual conference includes the rise in adjustable-rate mortgage lending by depositories, and the impact of inflation, and the Federal Reserve fighting it, on home loan rates and interest rates in general. Inflation is everywhere. Here’s your tip-of-the-day: go buy some Forever Stamps from the Post office as postage prices are going up in early July. If you think that you have it bad, on a year-over-year basis, freight and building materials prices increase in May means they were up 36.3% for the year! These price increases certainly argue for doing things more efficiently. Ever heard of modular housing developer TopHat? Me neither, perhaps because it does business in the United Kingdom. But the Goldman Sachs-backed housebuilder is going to build Europe’s largest home factory in the U.K. and be able to produce 4,000 homes a year. (Recall that Goldman also bought an entire community in Florida.) Yes, the creation of housing stock may warrant a change. Speaking of change, how ‘bout Apple store workers in Maryland voting to form the company’s first U.S. union?! (Today’s podcast is available here and this week’s is sponsored by Candor. With Candor’s Machine as an Underwriter, lenders modernize their manufacturing infrastructure making them immune to margin, capacity, and staffing challenges forever.) Broker and Lender Services and Programs Human vision can detect more shades of green than any other color. Similarly, Nexus Vision by SimpleNexus helps lenders see more green with the out-of-the-box business intelligence lenders need to effectively manage, measure, and operate their businesses. Featuring dashboards, reports, and scorecards, Nexus Vision gives lenders instant access to actionable insights, no developer or data scientists required. From the C-suite to branch managers, LOs and underwriters, Nexus Vision delivers performance and productivity insights that help organizations run more profitably. Download the free whitepaper to learn more about how performance scorecards can help you optimize productivity.

Published On: June 21, 2022 / Categories: Mortgage News /