From Salt Lake City, Rich B. sends, “My mind is like an internet browser: 17 tabs are open, 4 of them are frozen, and I don’t know where the music is coming from.” Vendors and lenders have a lot of “tabs” open regarding mortgage & vendor pricing, finding products to help their borrowers, and improving their service. Want to pass along some inflation fighting easy recipes from the NY Times to borrowers? Here you go. For economic news I’m more of a Bloomberg TV/radio person than a CNBC watcher. But perhaps Bloomberg will have to step up its game with CNBC having people in the background walking by wearing only their underwear. Are you an LO going after builder business? Zelman’s Homebuilding Survey reports, “…Feedback from our June survey was particularly negative. Spiking interest rates, economic and geopolitical uncertainty, and inflation pressure have significantly impacted homebuyer demand, particularly among the entry-level cohort, though this segment still narrowly remains strongest overall.” Builders continue to deal with labor shortages, excessive permit fees by local authorities, and sky-high material costs, all combining to discourage building affordable housing units for first time home buyers. And through it all, the Mortgage Bankers Association continues to offer free MBA webinars, select research offerings, self-study education courses and more. (An MBA membership, with 2022 dues rates going through the end of 2023, grants you access to education, research, committees, and informational webinars, that are important to you now.) (Today’s podcast is available here and is sponsored by EarnUp, an award-winning, consumer-first technology payments platform where originators and servicers can provide a borrower experience with flexible payment options that reduce risk and improves overall financial health.)

Published On: July 19, 2022 / Categories: Mortgage News /