Forget about layoffs, salary cuts, revenue problems. There’s extra leftover candy in the lunchroom! Uh… do we still have lunchrooms? I hope so. And Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and with it, pumpkin pie. (Yes, I know that this is a mortgage commentary, but even pumpkins have their share of regulation and controversy.) Pumpkin is a variety of squash belonging to the “Cucurbitaceae,” or gourd family which also includes melons and cucumbers. The FDA allows for sweet squash blends to be sold under the label of “pumpkin.” Libby’s, for one, uses 100% Dickinson pumpkins in its Libby’s solid pack pumpkin, not squash. Although pumpkins and squash are very closely related, Libby’s denied that it ever used a “blend” of various squashes in its popular canned pumpkin. “But the ‘Libby’s Select’ strain of Pumpkin is a variety of squash belonging to the cucurbitaceae. “The ‘Libby’s Select’ strain of Dickinson is our own, developed over decades by our own agricultural people.” (Today’s podcast is available here and this week’s Sponsored by Candor Technology. Home of the One Touch Underwrite, supporting lenders from Point of Sale to Post Close QC, to reduce repurchase risk, increase underwriter productivity by 400 percent, and decrease turn-times by 10 days. Today’s features an interview with Polunsky Beitel Green’s Marty Green on the Fed’s calculations and path of policy moving forward.) Lender and Broker Services and Products Operational efficiency brings advantage in any cycle. OptiFunder’s Warehouse Management System is proven to reduce warehouse expense and automates tasks for funding through loan sale. The platform is expanding; it’s new automated shipping module reduces dwell time to boost savings. Lori LaRocca, VP Capital Markets & Post Closing for Eustis Mortgage states, “OptiFunder’s Shipping Module has increased our Post Closing efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple internal reports and by giving us the ability to consolidate our collateral shipping process. Not only is OptiFunder’s system amazing, but the support staff is equally amazing. Thank you for the partnership!” OptiFunder offers free back tests to quantify savings. Connect with Carmel York at MBA Accounting and Finance for more info or a demo. | LinkedIn

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