Remember how you wished that the pandemic wouldn’t be in the headlines every day? You got it! Unfortunately, it has been replaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, long discussed and now occurring, and we can all watch and follow along due to technology. Technology is flippin’ amazing. I believe that, at any given time, there are approximately 60,000 people in the air over the U.S., and thank you to Orion’s Jeremy S. for sending this live map of airplanes in the air anywhere in the world: look at the U.S. or scroll over and check out the void over Ukraine. The number of people who remember “Talkies” gaining in popularity in the late 1920s is dwindling. (If you’ve never contemplated the term “Movie” here’s your chance.) Unfortunately, what is also dwindling somewhat are the number of people in our business as companies reduce costs, and therefore workforce. (Anyone displaced can post their resume for free here, and employers can view them for a nominal charge.) Changes are happening everywhere, as they always do in a cyclical business such as ours, and many are listed below. (Today’s audio version of the commentary is available here and includes a discussion between two RC’s about Ukraine, rates, and flights to quality. This week’s is brought to you by Sagent, bringing the modern experience customers expect from loan originations to servicing with platforms that let consumers manage their home-owning lives from anywhere.) Lender and Broker Products and Services

Published On: February 25, 2022 / Categories: Mortgage News /