The Buffalo Springfield sang, “There’s something happening here… But what it is ain’t exactly clear.” Those were historical times, and a reminder that things are always changing… In Whole Foods the other day I overheard a little girl speaking to another little girl (both in yoga pants) saying, “I’m vegan; I don’t eat candy from animal pinatas.” What the heck, that’s the focus now? For something a little more common sense, and relevant, the current blog on the STRATMOR website is, “The Secondary Market’s Focus.” Certainly the goals of the Federal Reserve will be a topic this Thursday at 2PM ET when the MBA’s fabled chief economist Mike Fratantoni and I whilst we talk shop for 2023 with Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach. Few stones left unturned! (Today’s podcast is sponsored by Appraisal Logistics, a full-service AMC licensed in all 50 states. AIM-Port’s robust integrations, custom automations, and granular reporting tools are delivering gains in efficiency and cost savings to lenders across the country. Today’s features interview with ICE Mortgage Technology’s Chris McEntee on top-of-mind items for 2023.) Lender and Broker Software and Services 70% of originators attending our Deep Dive webinar series have not closed a non-QM loan in the past 12 months. Is that because your referral sources don’t know about non-QM? That makes it more important than ever to choose the right non-QM lender. Angel Oak remains fully committed to the non-QM sector as account executives from Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions are ready and able to assist you with everything from structuring deals to helping you market non-QM to your referral partners. Click the link to view a testimonial from broker, Mario Galdos at Triton Group at Legacy Mutual Mortgage, who recently hosted a presentation to educate his realtors on Non-QM.

Published On: December 13, 2022 / Categories: Mortgage News /