Lending is full of statistics. And originators follow many of them, looking for an edge in finding clients. Last year 27.1 million Americans moved, 80 percent within the same state and 20 percent interstate moves. This report showed Florida being the most moved-to state and California topping states for folks moving away from it. Originators also look for ways to add value to their clients. They might want to consider letting them know about Realm. (Nope, this is not a paid endorsement.) Homeowners often struggle to decide which upgrades will offer the biggest boost in property value. Realm helps by analyzing real estate, tax, zoning, and other data to offer recommendations after assessing the impact of different designs, materials, and financing options to calculate the return on, say, a kitchen renovation. Realm is free: A good price.  Lender and broker products & services Texas-based doc prep law firm Black, Mann & Graham, LLP recently updated its Texas Home Equity Manual. The latest update includes new regulatory interpretations and case law. Contact your Client Relations Specialist for the new password. Did you notice that when Barbie’s offer was accepted, she didn’t pull out a tired PDF pre-approval letter? Better Offer Betty, Cash Offer Carl, and House Flipper Skipper never stood a chance against Barbie’s digital mortgage technology. So how do independent mortgage bankers and brokers give their buyers that same type of competitive technology? Maybe even a better alternative? They turn to QuickQual by LenderLogix. QuickQual enables loan officers to issue dynamic pre-qual (or pre-approval) letters to their borrowers so they can quickly run scenarios on their phones and generate custom letters within parameters set by the loan officer. It’s compliant, secure, and integrated into your LOS and you’ll never go back to emailing PDFs again.

Published On: February 23, 2022 / Categories: Mortgage News /