I could tell that my cat Myrtle was miffed, and this time it didn’t have anything to do with the CFPB. (Nor me heading to Salt Lake City today for the SimpleNexus User Group Conference.) She was upset because she had missed out, once again, on the coveted Chrisman LLC Employee of the Month award which includes a parking spot near the front door of the massive office complex we occupy in the downtown of a large city. On top of that, she had recently fallen for an email scam that began, “My beloved, I trust that you are well, but I have become hard times and am in need of many funds…” Okay, Myrtle didn’t fall prey to the phishing, but our industry is where the money is, and subject to constant attempted scams, like wire fraud. Do you think title insurance is a scam? You’re not alone. One thing that isn’t a scam is property values continuing higher, although it is area dependent. Economist Elliot Eisenberg, Ph.D., observed, “Over the past year, house prices have risen a whopping 18.8 percent, due largely to Covid-19 and the WFH phenomenon… over the past 12 months the largest house price gains have been in warm weather cities like Phoenix, Tampa, Miami, Dallas, San Diego, and Las Vegas which all saw Y-o-Y gains exceeding 25 percent. Conversely, Washington, Minneapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, New York, and Detroit all saw gains below 15 percent.”  Lender and broker products, services Is it currently difficult for you as a mortgage origination business to find underwriters, loan processors and servicing agents. By enabling NXTsoft OmniConnect lifecycle API connectivity, lenders can fill the gaps that were previously manual human processes, thereby reducing the need for pre-COVID staffing levels and dramatically decrease turnaround time. NXTsoft has over 25 years’ experience connecting financial services systems cost-effectively and efficiently.

Published On: February 28, 2022 / Categories: Mortgage News /