“Alexa, where’s my damn package?” (Page down 3-4 times to the video.) Life is full of surprises, good and bad. Rates aren’t a surprise… The U.S. Federal Reserve can only do so much about inflation. Geo-politics are a big deal, of course, and there is nothing our Fed, tasked with maintaining economic stability in this country, can do about those. Vendors and lenders are doing what they can, cutting over-capacity and expenses. Capital markets staffs everywhere are interested in which investors have pushed out the $2,500 Freddie and Fannie month-old HomeReady credit, as well as non-QM, jumbo, co-issue, and servicing buyers. (STRATMOR’s current blog is titled, “It’s 2024: Do You Know Where Your Servicing Is?”) Speaking of capital markets, today’s TMC Rundown features Mutual of Omaha’s Matt Nyman. (Found here, this week’s podcast is sponsored by Truv. Truv lets applicants verify income, employment, assets, insurance, and switch direct deposits. Unlock the power of open finance, with Truv. Today’s has an interview with Verisk’s Kingsley Greenland on servicing for climate risk and technology solutions.) Lender and Broker Services, Products, and Software Mortgage lenders using Empower, the loan origination system (LOS) by Dark Matter Technologies, rejoice! TRUV and Dark Matter bring consumer-permissioned VOI & VOE to the Empower® LOS, reducing costs by 60-80 percent, accelerating loan cycles, and creating a better borrower experience. TRUV brings the best-in-class coverage and conversion directly from the source to your Empower LOS for income and employment verifications. Ask one of us to see a demo of TRUV in Empower® LOS!

Published On: February 23, 2024 / Categories: Mortgage News /