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It was one week ago that the “benchmark” 10-year yield hit 1.17 percent. Now we’re back up to 1.32, the same yield that we saw for much of early and mid-July. End of the world? Of course not. Something to be aware of? Yes. Something else to be aware of is the latest report on climate change . Whether you believe in manmade climate change or not, plenty of people do, including investors in mortgages . World climate aside, a Nature Communications report found that in nearly every major U.S. city, people of color are more likely to live in census tracts with a more intense heat island effect. One nonprofit research group published Tree Equity scores for 150,000 neighborhoods in 486 urban areas in the U.S., which showed that nationwide, wealthier areas have 65% more tree coverage…(read more)

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Published On: August 10, 2021 / Categories: Mortgage News /