My cat Myrtle has toys and games, namely the end of a shoelace, a ping pong ball, and an occasional bout with the light from a laser pointer. Humans have toys too, and here are the top ones from the year you were born. (More fun to look at the years when you’re 5 or 8.) Some of those are big bucks now, speaking of which, everyone out there is trying to save money. Here’s one way: for loan officers requiring continuing education, you only have a couple weeks to complete your 2022 CE classes. If your company is a Lenders One Member, your classes are free! (No, this isn’t a paid ad; contact Tricia Migliazzo for information.) And this may be on the test: The six criteria that make up the completed mortgage loan application are: A – Address of the subject property, L – Loan amount requested, I – Income of applicant, E – Estimated value of mortgage loan application, N – Names of borrowers, S – Social Security Number. There is your acronym: ALIENS. And only when you have ALIENS do you have a completed mortgage loan application. And if you have TILA or RESPA questions, the CFPB’s FAQ site is as good a place to start as any. (Today’s podcast is sponsored by Appraisal Logistics, a full-service AMC licensed in all 50 states. AIM-Port’s robust integrations, custom automations, and granular reporting tools are delivering gains in efficiency and cost savings to lenders across the country. Today’s features an interview with Adam Boyd, Head of Home Equity Lending at Citizens Bank, on the growing popularity of the HELOC market.)

Published On: December 12, 2022 / Categories: Mortgage News /