All the stories that could be told, and so many that have yet to happen. And now 19 that never will be. It is very hard to go about one’s day, whether one has children or not, or a teacher in their family as I do, or not, given what happened in Uvalde, Texas, yesterday. Or to imagine what being in that classroom was like. And just like after every other mass shooting in the United States, fingers are pointed, lines are drawn, and rhetoric that we’ve all heard before is repeated until it happens again. Ban guns? Better background checks? Create fortresses out of elementary schools? Improve mental health care? We’ll go around and around on the reason(s) and the cure(s). Far be it from a daily commentary on residential lending to adequately address the evil that we witnessed yesterday. But we all do what we can. (Today’s podcast is available here and this week’s is sponsored by Matchbox LLC, igniting ideas for the mortgage industry. Expertise in assisting clients through transition periods with Technology, Capital Markets, and Education. Today’s features an interview with Mark Walser, President of Incenter Appraisal Management, on desktop appraisals.) Lender and Broker Software, Services, and Programs Since 2006, Mortgage Professionals Providing Hope (MPPH) has provided thousands of families and children worldwide with avenues out of poverty, such as safe housing and quality education. To honor this commendable work, the June installment of Sales Boomerang’s monthly Worthwhile Webinar series will support MPPH’s humanitarian relief programs. For a $10 donation, join Sales Boomerang’s Alex Kutsishin, Mortgage Champion’s Dale Vermillion, SDP Solutions’ Scott Payne, and Mortgage Coach’s Dave Savage on June 8 at 2PM ET to learn more. All proceeds from the event will go to MPPH, with Sales Boomerang, SDP Solutions and Vermillion Consulting, Inc. each matching up to $1,000 in ticket sales. Register and join this growing coalition for positive change!

Published On: May 25, 2022 / Categories: Mortgage News /