Unlike lenders who are dealing with 8 percent on rates sheets, sports fans and sports bars are reveling: NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, all at the same time… And Philadelphia is in the thick of it. A lot of halftimes. Is our industry “down 20-0 at halftime?” Here are the thoughts of Fairway CEO Steve Jacobson on not giving up, having shots taken at you, and using the tools lenders and LOs have to keep helping their clients, including technology. The word “technology” was mentioned about 4,698 times this week at the conference in Philly. If you’re wondering what a great use for AI is, it is summed up in this two-panel cartoon. Gallus Insights CEO Augie Del Rio summed it up nicely. “A machine will always beat a person. A person with a machine will always beat a machine.” But one of the messages this week was how lenders are shedding, yes shedding, expensive unused technology in an effort to cut costs. It is easier said than done, but IT staff are hard at work evaluating usage and expenses across the industry. (Today’s podcast can be found here: Sponsored by nCino, maker of the nCino Mortgage Suite, built for the modern mortgage lender. The nCino Mortgage Suite unites the people, systems, and stages of the mortgage process. Hear an interview with Candor’s Tom Booker on AI developments in the underwriting space.) Lender and Broker Software, Products, and Services The Optimal Blue team can’t wait to head to New York Nov. 9 – 10 for the only event dedicated 100% to mortgage servicing rights. Don’t miss an opportunity to catch industry experts Mike Vough and Vimi Vasudeva as they speak on their passions at IMN’s 9th Annual Residential Mortgage Servicing Rights Forum. On Nov. 9, Mike’s session will explore the economics of retain vs. release decisioning in today’s market. Then on Nov. 10, Vimi will cover “Valuation, Modeling & Risk Inputs: Volatility, Liquidity, Credit, Market, Duration & Correlation.” Both sessions will offer valuable insight to support your business strategies. And as always, experts from Optimal Blue will be ready to answer questions and discuss your goals in the expo hall.

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