Day One – Morning

How do you get the best from yourself and others?

Develop the six key personal development skills

How to develop goal focus

The accurate use of language

Distinguish the critic from the cynic

Define your most important ideas

Day One – Afternoon

How to handle difficult people

Objective language

Prepare your message in advance

Separate reasons from excuses

When to compromise and when not to

Action plan

Day Two – Morning

Time management training

Understanding ‘deadline pressure’ and ‘value’

Distinguish between being ‘busy’ and being ‘productive’

Prioritise work according to its value and deadline pressure

Handling interruptions and distractions

Proper delegation and correct prioritisation

The 80/20 principle and its application to time management

Day Two – Afternoon

Positive mental attitude. How it affects tangible results

The EDISON success formula

Avoid the failure formula

The value of ‘critical feedback’

Turning negative situations into positive

Action plan, final summary close